Reactive Grip™ touch feedback can be used in a variety of applications. Our initial thrust will be to bring Reactive Grip™ to virtual reality and video games, and establish a developer community to foster the use and creation of new types of interaction using Reactive Grip™ feedback.


Virtual Reality Applications

Reactive Grip™ brings a sense of presence to virtual reality that is unrivaled by current controllers.  Our Reactive Grip™ motion controllers give the ability to create force-torque-like feedback in a device that is more compelling than vibration feedback, but simpler, less expensive, and without the workspace limitations of force feedback devices.

Reactive Grip™ will be compatible with the Sixense STEM tracking system or other trackers such as the Razer Hydra, which can be mounted to our controller. Used in combination with the Oculus Rift, Reactive Grip™ touch feedback brings a whole new level of interaction and immersion to consumer virtual reality.

Our device drivers and SDK are integrated with Unity 3D to facilitate adoption of our technology by researchers, developers, and VR enthusiasts.  We will also have support for C++, and we’re hoping to help build a community of users and support user’s applications.




Gaming Applications

Reactive Grip™ could bring excitement back to motion controllers and make the next generation Sony Move or Nintendo Wii as big of a hit as the original debut of the Nintendo Wii. Reactive Grip™ can enhance game interactions such as the kick of a gun, impact and resistance of striking an opponent with a sword, or the tug of a fish when fishing. And we’re continuously thinking of new types of game interaction to incorporate with our haptic game controller.

The current Reactive Grip™ controller uses the tracking module from a Razer Hydra, but it will also be compatible with the Sixense STEM tracking system in the future. Other tracking options could also be combined with Reactive Grip™. And our device drivers and SDK are integrated with Unity 3D to facilitate adoption of our technology by developers.

Our technology is ripe for integration as a mod to games such as Left 4 Dead or Skyrim (The Elder Scrolls), as we have proven demos that incorporate a variety of melee and projectile weapons.




Medical Applications

Reactive Grip™ could be used to enhance the performance or efficacy in medical applications such as robotic surgery and upper limb rehabilitation.  For example, our feedback could better connect the surgeon to the remote interactions of the surgical robot to create a better sense of presence.  We also hope to create more engaging therapy to improve patient follow-though and outcomes.

We have just begun to explore these applications, but we hope to learn from our interactions with the VR community how best to interact and engage customers and partners in other fields, including improving our device drivers and SDK, and expanding the development environments we support beyond Unity 3D.

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