Tactical Haptics is revolutionizing human-machine interfaces through a new type of touch feedback that is more realistic than industry-standard vibration feedback — Reactive Grip™ touch feedback. The company’s initial target market is virtual reality (VR), where its touch feedback will create fully immersive experiences to make VR (and AR) compelling to millions of more people. Reactive Grip™ touch feedback creates engaging physical interaction in virtual environments that significantly improves upon the realism of interactions compared to “rumble” vibration feedback. Other applications include navigation aids for the blind, physical therapy (e.g., upper limb rehabilitation), robotic and minimally invasive surgery, piloting drones/UAVs, sports/swing training, education, and telerobotics. Tactical Haptics was founded by William Provancher, former professor of mechanical engineering in 2013.  The company is based in the California San Francisco Bay Area. For inquiries, please contact us at our info@ email address.