VR Fan Reactions from GDC, SV ComicCon, & SVVR 2016

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VR Fan Reactions from GDC, SV ComicCon, & SVVR 2016

May 19, 2016

Thanks to all the folks who came out to try our improved wireless haptic controllers combined with the HTC Vive this winter/spring.

Thus far in 2016, we’ve exhibited at the VRLA Winter Expo, GDC, the Haptics Symposium, USA Science and Engineering Festival, and the Silicon Valley VR Expo (SVVR Expo), and people have been loving the new wireless haptic experience, which greatly benefits from the incredible tracking of the HTC Vive.


Below, we’ve put together a quick video of some of the things people are saying about our Reactive Grip (shear) feedback and what it brings to the VR gaming experience.

We had conference attendees take the “Pepsi Challenge” (actually more like the “Haptics Challenge”) by trying our VR demos with our Reactive Grip™ (shear) feedback controller in their right hand and the off-the-shelf HTC Vive controller in their left hand.  You’ll see multiple people refer to the haptic controller in their right hand (our advanced haptic controller) as adding significantly to the VR experience…  =)


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VR fan reactions to Reactive Grip (shear) feedback from GDC, SV ComicCon, and SVVR 2016



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